Once I graduated college, I expected I’d find my dream nursing job. I would move into some fabulous studio/condo in the trendiest part of town and friends would flock to me. College didn’t prepare me for reality, but reality soon found me 2 months after graduation.

I was always being told, “Oh, you’re going to be a nurse? You’ll always have a job!” But no one told me how hard it would be to find one as a baby nurse…yes, baby nurse is the term we use for a novice nurse.   I applied to 30 (yes, I counted) jobs in Nashville, yet I didn’t even get 1 interview. Some might say a hiring freeze caused the lack of jobs, but I attribute it to the lack of jobs for NOVICE nurses.

With 24 days of my lease left, I accepted a job in Memphis on a telemetry floor. No one ever prepared me for the loneliness that came thereafter.   I went from having a structured life with loving friends to a new, unsettling life without anyone. It was life-changing.

College prepared me for my job. And for that I am grateful; however, I wish someone would have told me how hard it would be thereafter. Friends are hard to come by in a new city. Luckily, God was looking down on me and saw how much I needed help. He blessed me with 3 of the most amazing coworkers who eventually turned into my best friends.

It wasn’t easy, as I spent many nights in my new home of Memphis alone and cuddled up with RedBox movies. Finding friends after college was the most challenging thing I had ever done at that point in my life. I wish someone had warned me. But even if I had been warned, what good would it had done?? I suppose I want to blame my unpreparedness on someone other than myself.

Growing up is a process, and we all must experience challenging things. Looking back, I’m proud of myself. I made everlasting friendships in my darkest days. And 6 years later, those friendships are still blooming. I will never forget the loneliness and heartache I felt post college; however,  I will also never forget the feeling I felt the day I realized I made it on my own. AND I came out on top. BEST FEELING EVER. #ThingsNoOneTellsYou

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