No one told me keeping in touch with friends would be so difficult. Living in the same town made it so easy, and when I moved away I expected things to stay the same. As time went by, I began losing touch with friends. Post college, my schedule consisted of sleeping all day and working all night. Lets just say I lost more relationships at that point in my life than I am willing to admit.

It takes both people to keep the relationship alive. I refuse to be the only person making an effort to keep in touch. We all have busy schedules, and I don’t think using this as an excuse is acceptable. We either want it to work or don’t.

I recently enjoyed a magnificent dinner with a best friend of mine whom I haven’t spent time with in over a year. We picked up right where we left off. We are in completely different stages in our lives, as she has a beautiful baby who fills up most of her time, and I have well…a dog(totally not the same). It meant so much for her to spend her first night without baby with me. She had the option to drive back home or spend time with me, and she chose me. It might seem small to you, but her choice to stay brought me to tears. **The above picture was the delicious dessert we shared!

We all need to feel wanted especially in important relationships. I have lost many friends along the way, but it’s a two-way street. I must keep this in mind. If I put forth all I can,  then the ball falls in their court.

I wish I could tell you every friendship would be worth it, but I’d be lying. People change and so do their priorities. When you learn you aren’t one of them..surrender. They don’t deserve you. #thingsnoonetellsyou

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