My Person


Rory and Lorelai. Serena and Blair. Sophia, Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose. Lizzie, Miranda, and Gordo. Cory and Shawn. Meredith and Christina. We all that one or two or three or four (if you’re a Golden Girl) person/people who make(s) the world seem a little less lonely.

But what if my person isn’t a human? That’s okay right?!  Are you kidding me?! Absolutely!!

My person is a four legged, blonde beauty who some might say looks like Master Splinter, but I think he’s the most beautiful dog in the world. Since we recently moved to Nashville, he has given me the strength to step out of my comfort zone and do things I wouldn’t normally do on my own. For instance, today I took him to the park, and we sat on my grandmother’s quilt and listened to Eye of the Storm on repeat for about an hour. My heart was so full of love and joy seeing him run and roll in the grass so content with being outside alone with me. So many people passed us and commented on how well-behaved he was. I smiled a little and thanked them, but secretly was screaming on the inside, damn right he’s well behaved. I taught him well!! 

You see, he gets me. For example, he hates going to the dog park, but knows I need other interactions besides my coworkers, so he toughs it out. He sniffs a few butts and plays hard to get with all the dogs…ahh, who am I kidding. He hates the dog park. He hates being around multiple dogs at one time. But he knows I need my time away. We don’t stay long…ehh maybe 20 minutes or so, but those 20 minutes are what I live for. He gets me.

So yeah, my person is my dog. He’s perfect in every way possible…even if he rolls in poop and then eats it. Okay he’s perfect in almost every way possible. Even as I type this..he’s laying right beside me, all fours in the air, snoring. To me, life doesn’t get any better than this.

I hope you find your person. Maybe it’s not a person after all. Maybe it’s a furry, four-legged creature who makes your world a little less lonely and makes you get out of bed each morning. Whatever/whoever it is, hold it/him/her dear to your heart for as long as you can, for tomorrow isn’t promised. So today, I challenge you to get off your ass and acknowledge and celebrate your person.


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