Time Doesn’t Stand Still

Watching the clock as it reads later and later, I wish time would standstill! I need more time to myself; I need time to process the day’s events, cuddle my dog and work on my relationships. Time doesn’t standstill. It doesn’t care about my plans for tomorrow nor does it bother to pause and allow me to call my pregnant friend or angry family members. Time is the one thing we cannot get back, so how do we juggle all life is throwing at us while simultaneously maintaining the important relationships??

I wish I had this answer, but sadly it’s one of my downfalls. My job offers more solace than anything!  My profession means I must place all my problems aside and focus on the patients in front of me.  In some ways, it is a very therapeutic profession. For example, my life could be crumbling, but as soon as I put my nurse hat on, I have a new set of worries. Someone else depends on me, and the responsibilities of my patients take over, occupying my mind therefore demanding complete focus and dedication to my job. In many ways, my nursing profession has saved me. I get to escape the problems of my life and focus on saving others.

I (as well as every coworker I meet) often question my decision to return to the bedside after years of outpatient work…especially after a day of cleaning up poop every other hour, but the decision is simple for me. It is my escape. The love and compassion I have for these patients and their families surpass all the contentment that comes with the outpatient population. No matter how shitty the day is, there is no better feeling than seeing the person you have invested 12+ hours in, take a tiny step forward. That’s when all the pieces add up and all this work becomes worthwhile.

So, as the time continues to pass, I take this time to reminisce on the day’s events and cherish the end of the day’s achievements. As much as I yearn for more time in the day, I understand I am only given a certain amount, so I have learned to chose my time wisely and invest in only those relationships in which are beneficial. Time isn’t standing still, so I urge you to stop wasting time on life’s pettiness, and start investing time on the important things.  Time is one thing you cannot get back.

So, is your problem worth wasting away precious time??



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