Everyone is Broken

“The world is full of brokenness, and it is our job to put it back together again. It assumes…that the world… is broken and in need and in pain, and it is our job to fix it.”

Grey’s Anatomy always has me crying, and tonight was no different.

There is so much truth in Rabbi Eli’s last words. The world is so full of brokenness. My brokenness isn’t the same as yours nor his nor hers…that’s the point, it’s not the same The point is everyone is going/has gone through something life changing…we all are fighting some kind of battle.

I’m guilty of thinking, when I was the most broken, Oh pity me! I am going through the unthinkable, and I am the most broken human being alive.

But Rabbi Eli’s words changed my way of thinking.

The strongest woman I know, lost her child when he was 5 months old.
My friend has outlived her 2 children, and she’s only 28.
One of my best friends lost her adult brother, unexpectedly.
My husband lost his mother and father before the age of 30…a few months before our wedding.
My friend got an expedited passport to travel oversees so he could bring his brother’s body home.
I have a friend who spends many of her vacations with her sister…in rehab.
After years of abuse, my friend made the decision to create a new life for her and her children.
Cancer is now the topic of conversation at my uncle’s house.

You see, after compiling this list, what gives me the right to think my brokenness is worse than anyone else’s?! I am embarrassed for thinking people should pity my life…who am I to judge their pain??

Rabbi Eli said it best, “This world is full of brokenness, and it is our job to put it back together again.”

Is life really ever as we imagined it?!  If you answered yes, then God bless you. For the rest of you, life is a beautiful journey with not so many beautiful surprises. Each person you come in contact with is broken.  Show them some empathy. We all are broken.



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