This, too, shall pass.

“So nothing can truly prepare us for the beautiful, painful things we never imagined possible…or the moments no one ever saw coming.”
Grey’s Anatomy   2018

My life is consumed with worry. Did Will wake up in time for work? Did he feed the dogs? Did he give Frank his allergy medicine? Did he make it to work on time? Is he performing well at work? Is his daily water intake sufficient? Did my mom make it home safely from work? Why hasn’t my sister called today? Dad called me and I missed everything okay? Why didn’t Jack answer my Facetime? Why is my boss calling?

It’s true that nothing can truly prepare us for life’s tragedies…life’s uncertainties. I suppose that’s why my life is filled with worry. I will never forget the call that changed my life. My friends and I spent that night applying charcoal mask and foot peels to each other. I remember feeling content with our results and promised to meet again soon. My best friend and I arrived home, poured a glass of wine, changed into our pjs and then received the call.

There was nothing that prepared me for that call nor the events to follow. But that’s life isn’t it? All my life, my mom taught me giving up wasn’t an option.

This, too, shall pass. 

I know no matter what traumatic event comes my way, I will prevail. I have been instilled with the appropriate means to overcome it. When life seemed far more than I could handle, I was reminded of my mom’s words, This, too, shall pass. Whether it was a pathophysiology examination, endless nights studying for the NCLEX, or sleepless nights with my brain injured husband…her words never failed me…This, too, shall pass

She was always there to remind me my current situation wasn’t permanent.

Though, at times, she wasn’t physically there, her words were. Her words inspired me and made me who I am today. Even as I’m typing this, I am reminded no matter the feat in front of me, this isn’t the end. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I am so blessed to have such a beautiful example of a woman who is relentless and exemplifies the upmost strength. She continues to remind me that This, too, shall pass. 




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