Outside Your Comfort Zone

As I walked out of work on Friday, I felt so free. The sun was shining, and I was smiling because the weekend was finally here. When I got home, I sunk into my couch and cuddled Charlie preparing myself for a boring, depressing night alone. But then something strange happened. I decided I didn’t need anyone to…Read more »

Love your Profession

Thank you Shonda for yet again making me feel human. Amelia held her patient in the OR until she took her last breath. And afterwards she showed such raw and real emotions, it brought me to tears. Her emotions were so real to me because I have been her. So, thank you for taking me…Read more »

My People

Recently I was sitting at dinner with a good friend and realized our conversations didn’t have any depth as we weren’t discussing anything of substance. How could I have been friends with someone for so long and not really know anything about her? Sure, I knew her day to day life, and that used to suffice, but…Read more »

True Friends

No one told me keeping in touch with friends would be so difficult. Living in the same town made it so easy, and when I moved away I expected things to stay the same. As time went by, I began losing touch with friends. Post college, my schedule consisted of sleeping all day and working all…Read more »

Ticking Time Bomb

I know I’m a ticking time bomb. I’m not proud of this, and to be honest, I’m quite ashamed. The thought of confronting a coworker or friend or even my husband about an issue that’s bothering me is nauseating. I would rather bury my feelings than confront the problem. There lies my issues because I can only…Read more »