My People

Recently I was sitting at dinner with a good friend and realized our conversations didn’t have any depth as we weren’t discussing anything of substance. How could I have been friends with someone for so long and not really know anything about her? Sure, I knew her day to day life, and that used to suffice, but…Read more »

True Friends

No one told me keeping in touch with friends would be so difficult. Living in the same town made it so easy, and when I moved away I expected things to stay the same. As time went by, I began losing touch with friends. Post college, my schedule consisted of sleeping all day and working all…Read more »

Ticking Time Bomb

I know I’m a ticking time bomb. I’m not proud of this, and to be honest, I’m quite ashamed. The thought of confronting a coworker or friend or even my husband about an issue that’s bothering me is nauseating. I would rather bury my feelings than confront the problem. There lies my issues because I can only…Read more »